What it do, baby boo.

Hello friends! Let me start by saying this definitely won’t be your typical lifestyle and beauty shhhhiii kind of blog. I’m a different person everyday and totally want this to be as authentic as possible. That being said, this journal will probably depend on my mood, but I promise to keep it real with you, always. Just here to share inspiration, my personal journey, and of course, cheap fashion and makeup hacks. And since we’re keeping it 100, I’m absolutely not an expert. Just a broke B!tch trying to make it out here.

I’ve always found it therapeutic knowing there’s just one other girl in the world experiencing similar challenges as me, whether it be with work or personal life. I’m here to tell you, you’re definitely not alone. It’s tough out here, sis. I can only hope this reaches just one person and gives a fresh perspective on the simple joys that I feel make life a bit more meaningful.

Buzz phrase of the century and rant #1: Live Authentic 

With the constant chaos of social media and exposure to virtually everything, it’s challenging to remain focused on the golden things in life. The things that make you genuinely happy. We’re constantly being exposed to new trends, styles, ideas, and it’s easy to lose sight of the things that really add value to your life. Or worse – you become easily influenced by the perceptions of others and create a false reality. From family to friends, to those materialistic and self-care activities that flat out make you feel like a boss. The ultimate goal I try to accomplish each day – being unapologetically and authentically me.

Personally, I try to live each day with a mindset that isn’t easily influenced by others or outside sources. Whether it’s social media, or a personal interaction, I aim to take each experience as it comes, while staying open to positively evolving with the world around me. This isn’t easy. Growth is a forever thing. Its cliché, but I’m learning that staying true to myself sets the foundation for a strong and happy gal. And this means, owning your sh!t day in and day out.

A few tips and resources to help you connect with your inner authentic self, baby:

  • Create a personal growth guide, keep it simple. A few bullets on personal goals and how you will achieve them. Anchor these goals to a daily practice or routine, such as a morning check-in with yourself (and off the phone).
  • Read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K” – you won’t be sorry.
  • Download Headspace – meditation app and ultimate decompressing tool.

“You being here is a grand gesture of all you are and can be. Let that be enough today.”

Stay authentic, sis.

Yours truly

One thought on “What it do, baby boo.

  1. Love love love! This blog will be my new go-to! Can’t wait to see what’s next. I really need some spring wardrobe inspo!


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